CyberKitten Hood Rat
I met CyberKitten on a very hot friday in Atlanta.
As the queen of Atlanta’s Bangers and Ballers, she gave Mr. Brutus, the royal treatment. I couldn't help but notice that she licked her lips when she first laid eyes on me. I knew I was in for a ride! We made small talk for a few minutes, but I lost myself at some point and picked her up and carried her into the bedroom. I just couldn’t help but induldge myself with a few long minutes of devouring this little 90lb pussy. Cyberkitten has a voice that matches her name as well as her size. But it wasn’t long before I could hear her purring while I let her ride my face with that tiny little pussy of hers.I immediately understood why she was licking her lips. I think she shoved every thick inch of my cock in to her mouth in one wet gulp, so I wasn’t to shocked when she wrapped her legs around my waist and straddled my cock while I was standing up she was slammin her pussy against my cock so hard I was sure she would break something, specifically me.

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Kiera Housewife
Kiera is the typical house wife next door that has it bad for black men.
When she’s not fucking me she is fucking her way thru the entire black male population in her dinky small New England home town. Keira loves black meat….period. She proves just how well trained she is for black meat as she sucks me wet, sucks me dry, and and then properly puts her ass in the air for some old fashioned hard Brutus Black fuckin’ .
I got right to business working my cock into those big pink juicy pussy lips. Watch this housewife take my first load in no time at all, and immediately slide my meat into her tiny brown ass-hole for the second round. Kiera really is my kinda girl

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Amber Love Housewife
Amber and I decided we needed some time alone after meeting a few months earlier in New York. After watching her fuck and suck her way thru over a dozen of the SoCal Mandingos, I was ready to for a wild ride, during my visit with the buff and tanned slut from Miami. Well I got what I came for as Amber used my cock to fill every hole in her body. A good cock worshiper is always a good thing, and Amber certainly knows how. It was a long time before gave me a taste of her juicy pussy. When she finally did, I savored every drop. Her shaved and thick pussy produced a river creamy white flow of pussy juice, that ran a straight line done to the cutest pink butt hole, that’s right, pink! It wasn’t long before she straddled my cock started slamming me into her pussy as hard as she could. I don’t think I have every been so absolutely covered in juice.